Sex after a hysterectomy: What you need to know - Hsyterectomy and the clitoris

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Since clitoral sensation (via pudendal and genitofemoral nerves) should not be affected by hysterectomy, this surgery would not diminish sexual response in. A hysterectomy shouldn't affect the G-spot, but it may make sex and The clitoris is a pea-shaped nub that sits at the top of the inner labia.

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By Zulkira - 14:22
Find out how a hysterectomy might affect your sex life, how long you should wait before having You still have your clitoris and labia, which are highly sensitive.
By Bratilar - 10:58
A hysterectomy done to treat uterine or ovarian cancer removes less . If surgery has removed the clitoris and lower vagina, then orgasms may.
By Kagajinn - 17:36
Sex after a hysterectomy is better, one group of researchers reports. "Those women will still have clitoral orgasms, albeit less intense and.
By Arashigore - 02:15
Does having a hysterectomy affect sex? to negatively affect a woman's ability to orgasm, as the clitoris and labia are still highly sensitive.

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