Brown discharge before period: Causes and what it could mean - Brown liquid coming from vagina

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— May happen right after periods, and is just "cleaning out" your. What Causes Brown Vaginal Discharge and How Is It Treated? . Symptoms may come on suddenly and include a gush of brown fluid or.

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By Mimuro - 09:12
When vaginal discharge is brown, it likely contains small amounts of old blood. Old blood that has taken longer to come out of the uterus may.
By Zujind - 01:13
Color: Discharge that is gray, green, yellow, or brown. Volume: These usually come in the form of a vaginal pill/suppository or cream.
By Tubar - 01:30
Brown discharge is cervical mucus that is tinged with old blood. Vaginal discharge is the fluid that comes out of the vagina as a result of the.
By Arashisar - 07:13
Brown discharge is usually harmless and poses no threat to a woman's health. When blood comes into contact with air, it goes through a process called.

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